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  • 1. Q: How to update your device to Android 10


    How to update your device to Android 10


    1.Go to Settings.

    2. Go to Device preferences.

    3. Go to About.

    4. Go to System update.

    5. Once the update appears the user can click
    to download the 10.1.19 update or cancel.

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  • 2. Q: How to adjust the remote volume for Android 10

    How to adjust the remote volume for Android 10


    1.Go to Settings.

    2. Go to Device preferences.

    3. Go to Sound.

    4. Select Formats.

    5. Enable Dolby Digital.

    6. Restart the Ematic device and test the
    volume adjustment using the remote. 
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  • 3. Q: How to pair my Bluetooth remote from the home screen?

    A: Your Ematic AGT419 will prompt you to pair your Bluetooth remote on the initial setup. However, in the occurrence that it unpairs, simply go to Settings >  Add Accessory and place the remote in pairing mode by pressing OK + Volume down together. The LED on the remote, will blink to show pairing mode is active.

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  • 4. Q: What are Grey Products or Goods?

    A: Grey products/parallel imports are goods that have been imported without approval from the manufacturer, brand owner or its licensed supplier. Grey products/parallel import goods are not covered under the manufacturer, brand owner or its licensed supplier’s warranty.

    According to the Consumer Protection Act, suppliers of grey goods are legally obliged not only to inform potential customers that the goods are “grey” but to spell out the warranty implications.

    The Act requires that consumers be told that the goods “have been imported without the approval or licence of the registered owner of that trademark and that no guarantee or warranty in respect of such goods will be honoured by any official or licensed importer of such goods”.

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  • 5. Q: What Operating System (OS) does the Ematic AGT419 TV Box run?

    A: The Ematic AGT419 TV Box runs Android TV OS (10.1.19 or newer). A specially designed Android version for use with a TV and navigation via a TV remote control.

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  • 6. Q: Is there a warranty on the Ematic AGT419 TV Box and what is the warranty time?

    A: Your Ematic AGT419 TV Box comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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  • 7. Q: Is the Ematic AGT419 TV Box a Google Certified device?

    A: Yes! Google Certification means that the Ematic AGT419 TV Box will have no issue running apps that require a Google Certified device, such as DStv Now.

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  • 8. Q: Will the Ematic AGT419 TV Box work with my TV?

    A: The Ematic AGT419 TV Box will work with any TV that has an HDMI input.

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  • 9. Q: Is the Ematic a Netflix Certified device?

    A: The Ematic AGT419 is one of the few locally available Netflix Certified devices. Therefore, Netflix supports full UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) with High Dynamic Range (HDR), where content supports. Please note you’ll also need to be subscribed to the Netflix Premium package.

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  • 10. Q: Does the Ematic AGT419 include Netflix, DSTV and Showmax?

    A: Please note that although the Ematic AGT419 supports these, separate subscriptions to services are still required.

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  • 11. Q: Does the Ematic AGT419 support Dolby Digital through Netflix?

    A: You’ll be able to enjoy full Dolby Digital (5.1) on Netflix over HDMI. Please note that Netflix does not support Dolby Digital (5.1) over SPDIF.

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  • 12. Q: What support is available for the Ematic AGT419 TV Box?

    A: Support can be given via mail ( or our call centre, available from 08:00 – 17:00 Monday – Thursday, and Friday 08:00 – 16:00.

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  • 13. Q: What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?

    A: HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’ and delivers images with more colour, better contrast levels and increased brightness – offering a truly stunning visual experience. Please note that the TV and content must be compatible with HDR.

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  • 14. Q: What is the maximum capacity of the microSD card?

    A: The card slot supports up to 128GB.

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  • 15. Q: What is Ultra HD resolution?

    A: Ultra HD (also known as 4K or UHD) refers to the resolution of the TV, which is a measure of how much detail you can see on the screen. Ultra HD offers four times the resolution of Full HD and offers improvement in both picture clarity, detail.

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  • 16. Q: Does the Ematic AGT419 TV Box include an HDMI cable?

    A: The Ematic AGT419 TV Box includes a High-Speed HDMI cable in the box.

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  • 17. Q: How to check for future firmware updates?

    A: Firmware will be pushed automatically to your Ematic when online. In the event this does not happen, you can manually check for a firmware update in settings.

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  • 18. Q: What connectivity options are included with the Ematic AGT419 TV Box?

    A: The Ematic AGT419 TV Box has both Dual-Band Wi-fi (802.11AC), as well as a 10/100 Ethernet port to connect to your existing network.

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